“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” - Pablo Picasso

My Design Process


My steps in creating a logo are pretty typical of professional designers, and each step in the process has its own important purpose.

Torogate sketches.jpg

Step 1 is to gather information from the client and work up some quick sketch ideas. From these scribbles, I focus on a few of the best ideas.

Toro first ideas.jpg

Step 2 is working up some refined logo ideas based off of my rough sketches, and presenting some options to choose from.

Toro second ideas.jpg

Step 3 involves continued refinement of the favored logo idea. This step may involve playing around with different fonts, color or layout.

Torogate final idea.jpg

And finally, we have a finished logo!


This project for a band involved illustration, watercolor and graphic design work to create their album cover. Shown here is every step of the process from the initial rough sketch ideas, the pencil and inks, to the color mockup and the finished piece.